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Flavor Fuzion - Almond Lavender Cookies

$4.00 - $14.00
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*Dunk them in Oatmilk!

*Make delicious ice cream sandwiches!

*Leave them out for Santa!

*Have them with [insert your fav plant-based milk]

For recipes and snacking ideas, get to know Chef Heather: @FlavorFuzion_Heather

Almond Lavender Cookies: 

You love cookies, they love cookies, WE love cookies! Chocolate Chip, White Chocolate-Macadamia, Oatmeal etc. We love the classics, but we wanted to create something different. Something unique, clean and delicious. Our Almond Lavender Cookies are sweet with a little hint of salt, buttery and finish off with a subtle hint of Lavender. Made with simple, organic ingredients, this cookie will be a great addition to your favorite cookie list.

Our Almond Lavender Cookies are Gluten-Free and made with simple, Organic ingredients:

Organic/Gluten Free Almond Flour
Organic/Gluten Free All-Purpose Flour
Organic Cane Sugar
Organic Brown Sugar
Organic Butter
Almond Slices
Non-GMO Lavender Extract
Organic/Non-GMO Vanilla Extract
Kosher Sea Salt

**This is a truly all-natural cookie. There are no preservatives of any kind. No gums, nitrites, sorbates or benzoates (basically none of those tongue twisty words that are hard to pronounce Lol).
For best experience, please consume within 4 days of receiving.

*1 Egg per batch (114 cookies)