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Cryotex - Ultra High Intensity - Muscle Massage Gun / Percussion Massager

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"Everyone needs one of these at home! It's not just for gym buffs, everyday people can benefit from this product as well. Long day at work, long day at school, back problems, long day of running errands..."
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Product Information
Product Type: Fascia Pistol 
Brand: Crytotex
Model: Reinforcement DTM
Product material: polyurethane 
AC charger
Nominal input: 100 ~ 240 V 50 / 60Hz 24 W - 
Rated output: 24 V / 1A 
Rated voltage: 24.0 V 6INR19 / 66 
Type: high power lithium
battery Capacity: 2000 mAH 
No load speed: 1800-3300 / min max 
Stroke: 12mm 
Weight: 1.0kg 
Sound power: 25.1db (A) 
What's in the box!
1 X Massage Machine  
1 X AC Charger
6 X Massage Heads 1 X Li-ion Battery 
1 X Accessory Kit
How to Use Each Head Massage:
- Conical Head for Deep Tissue Massage
- Paddle Head for Lumbar Back Massage
- Flat Head for Full Body Muscle Massage
- Round head for Large Muscle Relaxation Massage
- Fork Head for Neck & Spine Massage
- Shovel Head for Pinpoint Muscle Relaxation Massage